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Märke: Lincoln
Modell: Premiere 2D Hardtop Coupe
Årsmodell: 1957
Antal mil: 78491
Accepteras byte: Nej
Beskrivning: The 1957 Lincoln Premiere is a noble car from the 50s and was loved cause of its gigantic tail fins and many luxury options.
The 57 Lincoln Premiere Hardtop Coupe was used as a Batmobile in the 60s.

The Lincoln is equipped with power steering, power brakes, power windows, an Autronic Eye and powered seats.
There is also an Continental kit with the Lincoln.

The paint and the chrome on the Lincoln is in a very good condition.
The weather strips are in a very good condition.

The 6 liter V8 engine runs very nice and calm and the automatic gearbox shifts excellent.

The interior of the Lincoln is in a very good condition.
The seats, the carpet, the headliner, the dashboard and the door panelens are all in a very good condition.

The Lincoln is standing beautiful white wall tires with original Lincoln hubcaps.

US Import, This car already has been imported.
All import taxes and fees are already paid for.
The car has a US Title and Customs documents.
We can organize transport for you.

Legal information / liability
Alltough we create the ads with care, the information is provided without guarantee, input errors exist, subject to prior sale.
The information on these pages is not guaranteed.
Errors and changes are expressly reserved.

For more pictures, see our Homepage(http://www.rdclassics.de) there are 31 extra pictures available for this car.

RD Classics, USA Classics Spezialist!, Always over 400 Classic Cars!, See our Website http://www.rdclassics.de for our complete inventory!

Länk extern sida: www.rdclassics.de
Besiktad i Sverige: Nej
Land där bilen finns: Germany
Pris: 419451 SEK                                

Handlarens övriga fordon

Namn: RD Classics, Danny Ebbers

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Telefonnr: +49 2822 5375 722
Mobilnr: +49 171 2265 768
Ort: Emmerich Hitta.se
Län: Utland

Annonsen införd:

2019-03-03 11:42:41
Annonsen har visats 768 gånger!
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